Autopava Crete System

Type of intervention:
Self-levelling industrial flooring with excellent chemical, mechanical and thermal shock resistance, non-slip, suitable for transit of medium-heavy wheeled vehicles, surface impermeable to oils and aggressive liquids.

4-6 mm (FM version fine-grained)
9-12 mm (FT version coarse-grained)

Long-term durability.

Performance requirements:
Flooring completely resistant to strong thermal shocks, spillage of liquids at high temperatures and a multitude of aggressive chemical agents such as inorganic acids, organic acids, alkalis, solvents, amines.

It is characterized by its speed of laying and commissioning:
It can be walked on after 24 hours, it can be used by light traffic after 48 hours and after 7 days it is completely resistant to traffic, even heavy traffic. It allows easy and thorough cleaning.

The Autopava crete PC/FT system is a colourful, terrazzo-finished, polyurethane-cement, solvent-free, antistatic flooring.

Intended use:
Applied in thicknesses of 9 to 12 mm it allows for aesthetically pleasing, continuous industrial flooring. Autopava crete PC hygienic flooring offers an ideal finish for applications in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and hospital sectors.

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